Grafting Cities 2024: Registration is now open

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Publication date

April 15, 2024

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We are pleased to announce that registration is now open for our upcoming 2024 annual forum – “Grafting Cities”.

This event will take place on 26 & 27 June in Valencia, the European Green Capital 2024, promising insightful discussions and collaborative endeavours.  

Register now to take part in this exciting event! 

What does the Annual Forum offer?

“Grafting Cities” – Cultivating Sustainable Futures  

The conference’s core theme revolves around the concept of “grafting cities”. This entails cities reinventing themselves, leveraging existing strengths, and steering towards climate neutrality. Through discussions and case studies, we aim to showcase the potential of local communities in building sustainable environments.  

2024 Theme: Revealing Cities  

This edition will seek to uncover the untold stories of municipal innovation and resilience. We will delve into the tangible impacts of various projects, assess the real needs of cities in combating climate change, and identify infrastructural developments necessary for sustainable growth.  

Collaborative Learning between Cities 

This event serves as a platform for cities to share best practices and collectively advance towards a sustainable future. Through high-level discussions and interactive sessions, attendees will have the opportunity to foster connections and exchange insights.  

Registration process  

  • Kindly be aware that this is a fully in-person event. Please ensure you can physically participate in Valencia before registering.
  • Please note that visa support is not provided for participating in the event.
  • Please be informed that all registrations are final. Upon completing and submitting the registration form, your attendance is considered confirmed.

To register, please complete this form.

Valencia Cities Climate Week  

The 2024 edition of our annual conference will take place in the framework of the Valencia Cities Climate Week where three major events are organised: the Cities Mission Conference, EURESFO and our conference. It will be a unique opportunity to bring together representatives of cities and regions from across Europe to discuss challenges and opportunities for strengthening resilience in the wider context of sustainable urban development.  

Valencia, as the European Green Capital of 2024, embodies the principles of sustainable urban development.

We invite all our members and interested cities to join us in Valencia for this event

Register now and be part of shaping the sustainable future of our cities!