Grafting Cities 2024: Unveiling local transformations

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Publication date

May 15, 2024

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At our Annual Forum on 26-27 June 2024, you will have access to focus sessions, interactive workshops and inspiring discussions that showcase the transformative efforts of local communities in reshaping their landscapes.

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Key moments not to miss

  • 26 June diverse sessions: The afternoon will feature two segments, each hosting six parallel sessions. We will be organising the sessions on Decarbonising Heating and Cooling, Waste Management and Circularity, Empowering Local Authorities in National and EU Climate Policy and Community Energy challenges in cities.
  • 27 June inspiring panels: The morning will be dedicated to two panels: one on Resource-Wise Cities and the other on Local Citizens’ Climate Assemblies. Both panels will feature representatives from European cities, offering firsthand insights from their experiences.
  • 27 June “Let’s make it work”: The afternoon will be dedicated to a collective thinking exercise on tackling concrete challenges cities encounter. With over 10 parallel sessions covering specific topics, you will be able to choose the session most relevant to your situation or area of interest.

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The Valencia Cities Climate other activities

  • 28 June Valencia visits: Valencia, the Green Capital 2024, is hosting us and offering study visits.
  • The other conferences: The city of Valencia has the pleasure of hosting Valencia’s Cities Climate Week, a week that encompasses the celebration of three main gatherings: the Cities Mission Annual Conference, EURESFO 2024 (European Urban Resilience Forum), and our Annual Forum.