Grand Angoulême HUB-IN: a brand-new walk down memory line

Learn about how to preserve heritage through creativity and urban regeneration

Grand Angoulême is a Southwest French conurbation well-known for its flourishing creative industry led by the International Comic Strip Festival. The city joined the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in 2019, indeed. But this territory is very marked also by the industrial period of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Different heritage components are scattered throughout this territory crossed by the Charente River. This industrial heritage needs to be mapped. In fact, a part of it is still unknown and could risk disappearing unless preserved.

The Caravane Creative Lab

The Grand Angoulême HUB-IN project fights against the neglect and abandonment of the industrial heritage and the lack of preservation of the inhabitants’ memory. It goes beyond the conurbations and includes several communes. The aim is to restore the Charente River from an environmental, economic and heritage perspective via sustainable initiatives dedicated to citizens and tourists.

The Caravane Creative Lab is the heart of the HUB-IN project. A creative, inclusive and shared space dedicated to residents and local actors. A network and a platform for cross-fertilisation, inter-learning, training, and creation with the aim of discovering the territory, its heritage, its historical and ecological issues. A place where realizing editorial, audiovisual and playful projects inspired by the territory and the times we live in. The Caravane Creative Lab is both an immaterial and material hub and its core instrument is the Metropolitan Trail. Walking meetings and workshops allow stakeholders to discover different types of heritage elements and to have a better understanding oflocal history and identity to create links and start new projects.

A roadmap will guide the implementation of a series of concrete actions aiming to enhance GrandAngoulême’s heritage. Read more about the project here.

Through the HUB-IN project, eight city pilots are transforming selected historic urban areas into “Hub of Innovation and Entrepreneurship“. Visit the HUB-IN website to learn more.