How do you FEEL about sufficiency..?

When FEEL means "Frugal cities through Energy Efficiency and Low-tech communities"



Kristina Dely

Publication date

March 16, 2023

Energy Cities, in one of our Hub: Resource wise and socially just local economies; has been looking for initiatives to translate sufficiency at local level. Our new project, FEEL has just kicked off, where Energy Cities shall advise 7 cities and regions in improving their local policies using sufficiency principles. Our new evolving vocabulary on sufficiency will support those local authorities in their work, while further enrich our vocabulary, helping our members decoding sufficiency.

The Interreg Europe Project FEEL (Frugal cities through Energy Efficiency and Low-tech communities), with over €2 Million in funding will test this methodology using a sufficiency and cooperation approach to reducing carbon emissions and the transition to a greener Europe. The FEEL project also aims to engage with key decisions makers to promote the frugal methodology in policy instruments.

A sufficient technology is one that achieves its aims using the least sophisticated and least expensive solution with no loss of quality in the result.

Acting individually will not be enough to combat carbon emissions. By using cooperation, we can organise communities to create collective action multiplying our carbon reductions.

All partners gathered in Lorient for the Kick off of the FEEL project – ©Lisa Croyere

There are 8 partners in the FEEL project led by the Local Climate and Energy Agency of South Brittany in Lorient, France. The other partners are Bistrita Municipality, Romania; Frederikshavn, Denmark; Liguria Region, Italy; Valencia Climate and Energy Foundation, Spain; Mazovia Energy Agency, Poland and North Sweden Energy Agency, Sweden.

The project runs from March 2023 to April 2027.

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