HUB-IN ALLIANCE: a network of hubs of innovation and entrepreneurship 

On 18 April, attend the HUB-IN webinar and join the Alliance

Are you from a municipality or key organisation involved with regenerating your historic urban area?

On 18 April, join the latest HUB-IN webinar with other representatives from pilot historic towns and cities to discuss the themes that would be pertinent to all of you, regardless of the location. Some of the challenges we have already heard towns and cities face include:

  • Finding ways of engaging stakeholders across different sectors – from private to municipality through to community
  • Levering new finance
  • Improving the quality of life and ensuring a good demographic mix is maintained – with young and old, and people from different economic backgrounds living together
  • Finding creative solutions to regeneration, and refurbishing/conserving historic buildings.

By joining the Alliance, members will have the opportunity to discuss and learn from existing good practice, develop networking opportunities and a chance to find out more about the tools and services being developed through the HUB-IN project.

The aim of this network is to promote the urban transformation and heritage-led regeneration of Historic Urban Areas through innovation and entrepreneurship, while preserving unique cultural, social and environmental identities and values of each city. The collaboration between Pilot cities and Alliance cities will continue the work of HUB-IN supporting and connecting Hubs of Innovation across Europe into the future.

Join the webinar on 18 April 2023, from 10:00 to 11:00 UTC + 1! Register here or send an email to

Learn more on the HUB-IN project here.