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Claudia Carani (AESS) and Sara Capuzzo (enostra)

Sara Capuzzo and Claudia Carani



Sara Capuzzo and Claudia Carani


Sara: President at ènostra coop | Claudia: senior expert at the Energy and Sustainable Development Agency (AESS)




Modena, Italy


We have interviewed two amazing women and we have talked with them about the right political triggers for renewables in Italy, about the place of women in the sector and I even learned during our conversation what ethical energy means.

Our interviewees were Sara and Claudia: Sara Capuzzo is the President of enostra, which is a major Italian renewables cooperative. And for a new energy community project she has recently teamed up with Claudia Carani who works as a senior expert in Modena for the Energy and Sustainable Development Agency. During the interview, Sara and Claudia described Modena’s renewables targets and explained to me how the next energy community will contribute to all this. Get a good Italian coffee and enjoy listening.

Sara and Claudia took part in the ECF Collaboration Lab on October 2020 together with delegates from Pamplona and Strasburg.

The European Climate Foundation (ECF) is an international non-profit organization whose aims are to promote climate and energy policies that reduce Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions and help Europe play a stronger international leadership role in mitigating climate change.

This episode was recorded via internet. It is part of “City Stories” which is brought to you by the EU project m Power. mPower explores how cities and citizens can manage the energy transition together – in a fair, clean and democratic way. Participation can happen at various stages: from involving citizens, local NGOs or businesses in the policy design to any stage of the energy value chain: for example as shareholders or even prosumers. The mPower project gets funding from the European Horizon 2020 programme.Image

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