It’s all in one spot: One-stop-shops

Go-to places for energy community advice


Publication date

June 14, 2024

Citizens and businesses may have the motivation to reduce their energy bill or to produce their own electricity. Often enough, though, they don’t know where to start, where to find funding, which technologies to use. The first and best step is to meet an impartial expert who can guide and advice. The people working at Urban Innovation Vienna, the climate and innovation agency of the Austrian capital, recently shared their experience of setting up and running their “One-Stop-Shop”.

As leaders in the field of community energy in Europe, the agency’s Renewable Energy Advisory Service not only provides information and support to citizens wanting to reduce their energy bills through insulation and / or renewables, but also provides in-depth support to energy communities.

The One-Stop-Shop takes a strategic approach which includes:

  1. A focus on leverage activities / “activation” of businesses, property managers, property owners and multipliers with large potential and “snowball effects“
  2. Effective and efficient information and advice for residents and businesses of Vienna to simplify the transition to renewable energy systems and set-up of energy communities
  3. Comprehensive public communication with tailored information for various target groups e.g. step-by-step guides for setting up an energy community

There are many challenges – currently 90% of emissions from buildings in Vienna come from gas heating. By 2040, all buildings in Vienna will need to be heated and, potentially cooled, in a renewable way. The advisory service has a vital role to enable households, businesses and others to make the transition needed, providing free, impartial and comprehensive advice.

Their advice to others wanting to set up One Stop Shops? Focus, focus, focus! Define your main target group, find levers, strong partners and stay flexible.

You missed the webinar? Have a look at the presentation by Andreas Zahner, Senior Energy Expert at Urban Vienna Innovation.