Looking for energy and climate experts to support cities

Call for Country Experts – EU City facility

The soon-to-be launched EU City Facility is looking for Country Experts in the field of energy and climate investments and with proven technical and financial expertise with national or local organisations. Each expert will support local authorities in one of the following countries: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia.

European City Facility (EUCF)


The new pan-European City Facility (EUCF) provides tailor-made, fast and simplified financial support to cities and municipalities in the EU. The funding in the form of EUR 60,000 lump sums as well as related services will enable beneficiaries to develop investment concepts. The Facility is set up under the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation of the European Union.

The Facility will address two fundamental barriers for sustainable energy investments:

• The poor financial and legal capacity of local authorities to transform their long-term energy and climate strategies (e.g. SEAPs, SECAPs etc.) into appropriate investment concepts.

• Fragmentation of smaller projects (for example in the building sector) and lack of aggregation and, thus, little attractiveness for the financial sector.

Successful applicants to the EUCF (cities and municipalities) will make use of the lump sum to develop their investment concept, which represents an initial step towards a fully-fledged business and financial plan. The ultimate objective is to facilitate the subsequent mobilization of (local) investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy.


The EU City facility is run by a consortium of 5 partners: Energy Cities, Adelphi, Climate Alliance, Enviros, FEDARENE.

Start of the project: 09/2019 – 48 months

Country Experts

Support to cities, especially for small and medium-sized cities which often fail to access centrally managed EU funds and programmes, shall be provided on a country-basis. For each EU Member State, the consortium will appoint a Country Expert: her/his role will be twofold:

  • support cities in their ‘investment journey’, and
  • support the EUCF Core Management Team for a smooth EUCF operation and monitoring. 

The EUCF consortium will select Country Experts based on their proven technical and financial competences and working experience in/with national and local authorities  in the field of energy and climate investments, their existing relations and contacts with cities, best value for money and references. 

We are looking for Country Experts in the following countries:

Bulgaria, Cyprus, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia

Please find the detailed call on this link.

Deadline to answer: January 15, 2020 COB

Contact: info@eucityfacility.eu


Publication date

December 10, 2019

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