City of Aradippou

Aradippou is the second biggest municipality of Cyprus extending over a land of 173 sq. km. The municipality is dynamically growing and serves approximately 20.000 inhabitants.

Aradippou Municipality is a signatory of the Covenant of Mayors and a Member of Energy Cities since several years. For the last four years, Aradippou has been developing its investment strategy in order to become a net zero energy Smart City. The project is named “Smart Industrial City Aradippou” and has been developed in collaboration with Energy Cities.

The Smart Industrial City Aradippou strategy focuses on three main sectors to foster economic development:

  1. Sustainable energy,
  2. Transport and
  3. Real Estate (mainly development of business centers and conference tourism venues).

Over the years Aradippou has developed three industrial zones serving multiple industrial purposes as also the needs of freight transportation.

Within its Clean Energy strategy, Aradippou has successfully completed and is currently running a number of Horizon 2020, Erasmus+ and Interreg projects.

The city is a proud partner of the Horizon 2020 programme INNOVATE project. The 13 INNOVATE partners from 11 EU countries want to motivate homeowners to carry out deep energy retrofits of private residential buildings – single family houses and condominiums. In order to facilitate the process, they will develop and roll out attractive energy retrofit packages, ideally offered in one location – a one-stop-shop.


City of Aradippou is a member of Energy Cities since 2015


19 594 Inhabitants

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