City of Aradippou

The Cypriot city of Aradippou aims to become a Smart City by 2030. To this end, it has submitted an Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan (INECP) to the European Commission in 2020, in which it proposes measures to decarbonise its energy. Although this document is recent, the Aradippou Municipal Council has already carried out many interregional European projects. As a member of the Energy Cities Board since 2019, Aradippou has an ambitious energy and social policy.

For clean urban mobility and energy

As far as transport is concerned, Aradippou follows the national objectives of Cyprus. The city seeks to develop the share of clean individual and collective vehicles in tourist areas. The 2030 target is a road traffic share of 20% of electric cars and buses and 9% of hydropower engines. To this end, Aradippou is participating in the “ECORouTs” interregional project to promote eco-responsible transport and carpooling.

In terms of energy, the climate of Cyprus gives a clear advantage to solar electricity production. Thus, Aradippou has set up a subsidised loan with the Cyprus Cooperative Bank. Citizens will be able to obtain financial assistance to install photovoltaic panels. Today, the town is negotiating a zero-interest loan for the energy renovation of public and private buildings.

Finally, the municipality is organising the recycling of its biodegradable waste. A separate collection allows part of this waste to be used to produce electrical and thermal energy (biogas).

Promoting inclusion through sustainable environmental and social actions

In line with the political agenda of the Republic of Cyprus, from 2005 to 2010, the city carried out numerous intercultural projects against social exclusion. In particular, the metropolis organised an inter-Mediterranean sports tournament. This event created a network that strengthened cohesion between European citizens, immigrant populations and social and sports associations.

To reduce CO2 emissions, Aradippou launched the collaborative and citizen-based campaign, “I plant for Climate”. For a minimum of 3 years, schools, NGOs and companies will be able to plant, finance and care for new plants. These plants will have been selected to suit the environment in which they will be grown. The final objective for Aradippou is to increase the number of trees planted from 70,000 to 300,000 per year until 2030.

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City of Aradippou is a member of Energy Cities since 2015


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