On 16th of February, everyone turns off the lights!


Publication date

February 7, 2024

Don’t put away your candles after Valentin’s Day, you will need them for the Day of Energy Saving and Sustainable Lifestyles called M’illumino de meno in italian.

The first edition of M’illumino de meno took place on February 16th 2005 and in 2022, the Italian Parliament recognized February 16th as the National Day of Energy Saving and Sustainable Lifestyles.

It has now reached its 20th edition and you are all invited to join us on February 16th 2024!

Extracts of the press release

On February 16 th 2005 , when the Kyoto Protocol entered into force, Caterpillar , a daily show on Rai Radio2, came up with the idea of asking its listeners to turn off all unnecessary lights as a symbolic gesture for energy-saving . It suggested replacing incandescent bulbs with low-energy ones and, more generally, it encouraged a reflection, preferably a collective one, about energy consumption .

In its 20 th edition, M’illumino di Meno invites schools, companies, universities, municipalities and the civil society to boost the change by making an extra effort to be more innovative and get committed. The ecological transition can save us as a species and has already recorded a positive impact on everyone’s daily life.

In the year of the European elections, M’illumino di Meno renews some prestigious alliances: with the Accademia dei Lincei and its twinned European Academies and with the European Parliament in Brussels.

Turn off as many lights as you can and improve your environmental practices.

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