Out soon: call for local social experiments

Stay tuned!

The SHARED GREEN DEAL project stimulates shared actions on Green Deal initiatives across Europe, by providing Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) tools to support the implementation of 8 EU Green Deal policy areas, at the local and regional level. The project takes a transdisciplinary approach, covering 19 social science and humanities disciplines, and incorporates multi-stakeholder, practice-based and policy-science expertise.

Therefore, we are preparing a call for local social experiments under 6 streams: Clean Energy, Circular Economy, Efficient Renovations, Sustainable Mobility, Sustainable Food, Preserving Biodiversity. 

The call is targeted to local authorities and civil society organisations with a clear ambition and motivation in the call field(s). Applicants will need to commit to implement the social experiment activities for one year, starting with May-June 2023, including adequate reporting and monitoring. Each applicant will be awarded around EUR 22 000. In total 24 applicants will be selected.

Currently, we are working hard to frame the experiments, the application form as well as clear and transparent selection criteria. The call for applicants is expected to be published on the 21st of November 2022 and open till end January 2023.
Stay tuned! https://sharedgreendeal.eu/