A new Resilience Contract based on Europe’s solidarity and resources

Our letter to the President of the European Commission



Alix Bolle

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How can Europe emerge stronger out of the current crisis? Energy Cities’ President addressed a letter to the European Commission President von der Leyen to present our solution, in order to ensure economic recovery and boost resilience.

We see 3 key strategic actions Europe can undertake:

1) Include local resilience pacts as main delivery mechanism for the recovery strategy. This would help them and their communities to jointly redefine their relationships to local ecosystems and their respective responsibilities and commitments to absorb external shocks.

2) Align the EU’s economic governance to the ecological and social emergency. This can be done by climate proofing and mainstreaming all EU funds and programmes, and applying the same logic to Member States’ fiscal and budgetary policies.

3) Build strategic autonomy in vital supply chains by reducing resource and energy demand and relying on solidarity between territories. Therefore, redefine the EU’s energy policy to include an energy sufficiency objective and to increase drastically the share of local sources, notably by applying a district-level approach to the Renovation Wave initiative and by fully leveraging the local heat potential within the upcoming smart sector integration package

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ENC letter to the President of the European Commission

letter EW_to President EU_April 2020