Cities Manifesto for Fossil-Free Heating and Cooling

New European initiative calls for cities to be in the driving seat of the heat transition


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EU Climate Action

Energy Cities, Celsius Cities, #DHCities, FEDARENE and 25+ cities across Europe joined forces to urge the EU and Member States to properly support and empower cities to drive the transition to fossil-free heating and cooling.

With this Manifesto, tangible pathways in 3 key areas are laid out, to enable cities to go fossil-free in their heat sector:

  • Empower and include cities in the EU and national energy transition, and leverage their expertise in national energy strategies;
  • Local heat planning for cities to have a clear picture of available local sources, challenges, opportunities and project implementation support;
  • Create the right incentives for the utilization of waste heat in heat networks, and accelerate the uptake of waste heat in heat networks to decarbonize the heating and cooling system;