Energy Cities

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Municipalities are on the frontline of a climate battle dictated by extreme weather events. Wildfires and summer temperatures of unprecedented scale have ravaged the EU in 2023 and severe flooding has again wreaked havoc on lives and livelihoods. Across Europe, cities are finding their resiliency tested to the limits with ever-increasing calamities that harm our citizens, our security and hit our local economies hard. Swift action is needed. Europe’s cities and towns are doing their part. In municipalities across Europe, a climate and energy transition that is both just and ambitious is already taking root. Be it via energy communities, naturebased solutions, decentralised renewables, climatefriendly procurement, deep renovation or sustainable mobility infrastructure – the examples of fair climate action at the local level abound. To truly cultivate our common future, we must harness the power of cities, making them places where democracy can flourish, where we can live in harmony with nature, and where we act in solidarity with one another and with future generations.

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