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Smart EPC enables the transition of local public authorities towards smart sustainable cities

Project outputs, reports and public deliverables, training materials and previous newsletters – as the Smart EPC project unfolds, this section will be constantly updated with useful materials.

Exploring EPC in Public Lighting

Smart EPC toolbox on Smart City and other ICT technology in EPC

Dive into our detailed documents on Energy Performance Contracts (EPC) in public lighting. Discover insights on technology readiness, barriers, legal frameworks, and ICT technologies related to energy and non-energy services. Learn from research, cross-country comparisons, and expert experiences to understand the evolving landscape of Smart EPC and its potential in transforming public lighting infrastructure.

The current version of the documents has been developed in May 2023.

Smart EPC / Factsheets: key facts on public lighting, energy and non-energy services, and financing models.

Smart EPC / Handbook on Smart City and other ICT technology in EPC: comprehensive overview of energy-efficient public lighting and financing models; centralised guide for the energy and non-energy related services in public lighting and the basic steps for preparation and implementation of the Smart EPC project.

Smart EPC / Case Studies: best practices in EPC, Smart City application, ICT Technology for energy and non-energy services in public lighting.

Smart EPC / ICT technology market assessment report: strategic insights into the market’s potential and the implementation challenges.

Smart EPC / Generic ICT Smart EPC concept and technology output specification: technical requirements for the implementation measures improving energy efficiency and standards in public lighting.

Innovating Public Lighting

Smart EPC Framework – Standardised concept documentation

The standardised Smart EPC concept documentation is relevant for inventory data collection and analysis of the public lighting system. The purpose of the concept documentation is:

  1. to formulate the requirements for the energy audit (minimum set of baseline data that is needed for decision making and feasibility calculations of public lighting reconstruction);
  2. to develop an analytic tool for feasibility calculation of public lighting reconstruction based on the inputs from the detail energy audit;
  3. to draft document which can serve as a tool for presenting the current state of infrastructure and reconstruction potential, as well as the optimal coverage and financing modelling for pilots/cities.

The Smart EPC contract documentation is built upon the foundation of the standard EPC contract documentation, with a focus on energy performance and guaranteed energy savings as the core subjects. The additional energy and non-energy services are categorised as either commercial or non-commercial services. The former can be financed by charging for the services to third parties or the general public on a commercial basis. In contrast, the latter may not be feasible through commercial financing and are usually included within the contract. These distinctions result in different types of investments for the client, with non-commercial investments considered as “on balance sheet” and commercial ones often treated as “off balance sheet.” 

In addition to the standardised draft of Smart EPC contract documentation, the project has also developed standardised Smart EPC tender documentation. This draft serves as a guideline document for clients when preparing official tender documentation, offering insights on how to specify certain requirements and considerations to be mindful of while doing so. The standardized tender documentation needs adaptation to comply with specific national legal frameworks and project requirements.

The current version of these documents has been developed in May 2023.

Standardised methodology for detailed energy audit of public lighting system

Analytic tool for data analysis, web based excel table

Action Plan draft for public streetlight renovation project preparation and presentation

Standardised Smart EPC Contract documentation: draft of the general contract documentation to be adapted/amended by clients

Smart EPC training initiation

Discover some of our training materials designed to enhance understanding and application of the Smart EPC concept in cities and municipalities. Training events to follow in 2024!

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