Companion guide for civic engagement mapping

Defining your civic environment mapping approach



Blandine Pidoux
Christiane Maurer
Nilofer Tajuddin
Max Stearns
Alicia Carvajal Rowan
Kaisa Schmidt-Thomé
Ella Välimäki
Cyril Tjahja

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In order to accelerate their transition to climate neutrality, cities need to cooperate with their full local ecosystem of actors – including citizens, civic groups and stakeholders from the private and public sector – who need to be positively engaged in the challenge as a broad coalition of actors joining their forces.

Together, they will need to build new governance models, reect on and co-create new solutions, co-decide upon and embrace climate actions for change, as a whole community and in a systemic civic environment.

This guide intends to increase confidence and capacities of city administrations and Transition Teams in designing their own approaches for civic environment mapping and undertaking mapping activities adapted to their own local context. It provides guided access to a collection of tools for mapping, which is not exhaustive but aims to cover different mappings needs in different situations.