Networking the Covenant of Mayors

Guidebook to accelerate the implementation of the Covenant of Mayors via national clubs

The Covenant of Mayors is much more successful than anticipated. Initially designed to commit a limited (25-30) number of local authorities, the interest of mayors and municipal councils has been growing. More than 5,000 local authorities have signed the Covenant of Mayors up to November 2013.
Transforming this current quantitative success into a qualitative one is a challenge we are collectively facing. With so many cities involved, individual technical assistance is simply impossible.
The first part of this Guidebook will help you find ideas on collaborative ways to be explored and implemented to manage the current situation and anticipate the future.
The second part is based on national observations describing the perception of the Covenant of Mayors and factors influencing its implementation in 12 countries and regions.

Quick & easy recipe to build a Covenant Club

  • An enthusiastic and motivated club coordinator
  • A membership charter
  • A marketing document
  • A communication strategy and initial work plan
  • A list of potential committed members

A vision in motion

A clear strategy is necessary from the very beginning of the process. This strategy will later be discussed and refined with the mem-bers, when the club is truly operational, but you need at least to define its raison d’être early on to give your club a true legitimacy as well as the opportunity to succeed right from the start. Indeed, by knowing what you want to achieve with your club, you will be able to lay solid foundations and to clarify your position regarding sustainable energy issues in front of your potential target groups. Moreover, this will make you more efficient in your search for potential partners as it will be easier to convince them to join since you will have strong arguments



Kinga Kovacs
Laura Guérin

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