Territorial plan for Climate-Energy and Klimaschutzkonzept

Context and practices in France and Germany

The concomitant implementation of the energy transition process in France and of the Energiewende in Germany has led the governments of both countries to conclude various cooperation agreements. As both processes are largely based on the decentralisation of energy supply, close cooperation at the level of local authorities is promising.
It is within this framework that the networks of local authorities Energy Cities and Climate Alliance, as well as the Baden-Württemberg Energy and Climate Agency (KEA), organised in March 2013 a Franco-German conference for local authorities in Stuttgart. The theme of the conference, “Energy Transition vs Energiewende” gave birth to an idea that has since become a project “TANDEM : Franco-German Cooperation for Local Energy Transition”.



Christiane Maurer
Peter Schilken
Claire Mouchard
Enora Garreau
Jenny-Claire Keilmann
Ulrike Janssen

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