The one-stop-shop accelerator report

About the why, how and what of this European experimentation

The 11 partners of the INNOVATE project aimed at overcoming market barriers to deep energy-efficient retrofits of the private housing stock. They spent three years of hard work prototyping renovation one-stop-shops.

Each of those private and public players designed and defined the purpose of its shop within its local boundaries, but the project gave them the great chance to exchange on experiences and to support each other in the journey. Additionally, tailor-made coaching both, collective and bilateral, has been organised for the learning partners needing business assistance.

The INNOVATE project was about experimentation, but also and above all, it led to the concrete implementation of fully operational and viable one-stop-shops. For most partners, this was a challenge they happily accepted in order to lead by example and to learn by doing. Now, at the end of their journey, partners share their hands-on expertise. With this report including 15 recommendations, one-stop-shop newcomers can achieve in a short time what would have taken them years on their own.