Slovenska Bistrica HUB-IN: a role model for other small Slovenian towns

Learn about the implementation of new sustainable business models to enhance your historic urban area

Like many other historical places, Slovenska Bistrica is struggling to maintain its rich heritage in a state that allows for better living, working and playing. In the past years, the municipality has invested in renovating several buildings and revitalising the main square and streets.

The town is striving to create an environment that attracts local entrepreneurs, artists, creatives, craftspeople, start-ups, and businesses.

A lively city center where entrepreneurship and culture blossom

A co-creation and co-design work involving the municipality, citizens and stakeholders led to a roadmap highlighting three core missions for Slovenska Bistrica to start the sustainable transformation of the historic urban area:

Set up a HUB space in the old town, as a central space for nurturing entrepreneurship, creativity, collaboration and innovation, to boost local skills and business/employment opportunities, while supporting the regeneration of the heritage buildings.

Set up an accelerator programme for the creative, craft and cultural/art sectors to boost entrepreneurship, innovation, and encourage job creation.

Accelerate the urban regeneration of the historic city centre through participatory revitalization approaches, such as for example placemaking, community co-creation, tactical urbanism, crowdsourcing and match-funding.

The Crouzet will be the heart of the project. A central space for nurturing entrepreneurship and creativity. Activities and businesses will be encouraged (creation of enabling conditions-spaces, low rent, additional services), supported (accelerator programme), and cross-fertilised (collaboration initiatives, innovation projects). Moreover, it will host spaces dedicated to cultural and creative events, education, festivals and concerts. The aim is to strengthen innovation, boost local entrepreneurship, and encourage job creation.

The result of this regeneration process will be a lively city centre with unique cultural and natural resources where residents are happy to live and tourists enjoy.

Through the HUB-IN project, eight city pilots are transforming selected historic urban areas into “Hub of Innovation and Entrepreneurship“. Visit the HUB-IN website to learn more.