The power of the network: an alliance of practitioners for local and sustainable food systems

Creating a space for long-term cross-sectoral dialogue, cooperation and action



Sylvie Lacassagne

Publication date

October 18, 2022

The ALTAA Network (Alliance of practitioners engaged in the local, sustainable food and farming transitions) is a growing French alliance that aims to create a space for dialogue, cooperation and action, at the national level, to support the rise in competence of actors involved in and with the territories, sharing an ambitious vision of the transition to sustainable agricultural and food systems. By crossing issues and expertise (production, consumption, waste, composting, distribution, etc.), sectors (public, private, civil society, research, etc.) and scales of action (local/national/international), the alliance aims to create a common mobilization to evolve national and European frameworks of action, interacting with a wide range of stakeholders.

Up to now, more than 90 organizations are involved and coordinated by the Social Cooperative Pistyles and Solagro, with the support of the Unesco Chair in World Food Systems.

The project was born in 2021, within the series of meetings about sustainable food systems organized by the Carasso Foundation, out of the desire of a good number of participants to do more together, to cross resources, expertise and subjects to really initiate a change.

Food safety was the first topic discussed in a workshop by the group, and ALTAA’s first structuring action started in October 2022, with a reflection on the fundamental issue of diversifying and greening our plates by changing the food environment.

To receive information from the alliance, send an email to Alizée Marceau (Pistyles) or Eloïse Descamps (Solagro)