Useful brandnew resources on energy poverty

Overviews, toolkits, business models

Never before has energy poverty been such a serious threat to so many European citizens as it is now. Since the current energy crisis started, national Parliaments and local governments all over the EU discuss what immediate measures can be taken to help people come through this winter without freezing and starving. At the same time, long-term structural changes are needed to alleviate or even eradicate energy poverty in a near future.  

As local governments prepare themselves and their citizens for a hard winter, we’ve gathered a collection of recent publications around the topic.

Understanding Energy Poverty Characteristics at the Local Level

Any action starts with having a clear view on the status quo: who is affected by energy poverty, how many are they, where and how do they live, what lead them to that condition. This report presents and analyses the energy poverty situation at both a national scale for each of the POWER UP project partners’ countries: Belgium, Czech Republic, Italy, Netherlands, North Macedonia, and Spain.

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The Energy Poverty Handbook 2022

This is the second edition of the Energy Poverty Handbook, which was originally published by the
Greens/EFA and the Buildings Performance Institute Europe in 2016 with a view to examining
the causes and effects of energy poverty. This updated version expands upon the findings of
the original Energy Poverty Handbook to consider the best practices that can be employed
to tackle the issue, in parallel with the causes and effects of energy poverty.

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Engaging with Vulnerable Households – A Practical Toolkit

This practical guide and toolkit is for practitioners looking to engage not only vulnerable households in social energy projects, but other partners and stakeholders as well. The publication, authored by University of Manchester comes with a webinar recording presenting its main content.

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Energy Business Models: which impacts on energy poverty mitigation?

How can we produce, distribute and share energy in a fair, but financially viable way? What business schemes around clean energy can best serve the needs of people in energy poverty? The POWER UP project has identified suitable models that have the potential to build wealth and benefits for the poorest.

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