Collective selfconsumption of PV systems

Different initiatives in Europe strive to implement a cooperative business model of PV systems

This webinar is organised in the framework of the Smarter Together Project (Smart and Inclusive Solutions for a Better life in Urban Districts)

On November 2016, the European Commission proposed to recast the EU directive on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources in order to allow renewable self-consumers living in the same multi-apartment block to jointly engage in self-consumption as if they were an individual renewable self-consumer. 

Known as “Electricity for renters” (Mieterstrom) in Germany or “Collective self-consumption” in France, many different initiatives in Europe strive to implement this new business model of PV systems that seems to be well suited for urban areas with multi apartment blocks. 

This webinar will present challenges faced for the development of a 170 kWp PV system used for collective self-consumption in the Lyon-Confluence area in France on a 12.000m2 urban block under construction within Smarter Together, an EC funded project. 

Speakers: Bruno Gaiddon, PV Consultant, Technical coordinator of Smarter Together, Subcontractor of SPL Lyon-Conluence, (urban developer) HESPUL



Bruno Gaiddon


21 March 2018