Energy Performance Contracting in condominiums

This webinar is organised as part of the Interreg NWE ACE-Retrofitting project

Although local governments are tackling climate change, a majority of buildings in North-West Europe are still energy-inefficient and in need of deep renovation.

If action is not taken it will lock local governments into a high carbon-footprint future. By targeting condominiums (tenements and flatted buildings), the greatest number of private owners can benefit from more energy efficient homes while creating significant financial and carbon savings (50-70%).

Speakers : Ian Turner from Energy-Cities, ACE-retrofitting project manager

Short introduction to ACE -retrofittting

Yohann Desgeorges, Paris Climate Agency Agence Parisienne du Climat -APC, research fellow

Experience of Energy Performance Contracting in Paris and other French examples

Harijs Svarcs and Nicholas Stanciof, Latvian Baltic energy Efficiency Facility (LABEEF)

Financing and legal issues concerning EPCs in Latvian condominiums. Experience from the work that is being carried out within the Accelerate SUNShINEproject, an H2020 project designed to prove the comprehensive financial viability of renovation, using suitable project organization, partnership of municipalities and financial instruments.

Presentations (PDF)

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Ian Turner
Yohann Desgeorges
Harijs Svarcs
Nicholas Stanciof


6 July 2018