How to hack local community activation in cities in times of a lockdown?

“Today for Tomorrow – Križevci Version 20.30.”



Danijel Šaško, Deputy Mayor of Križevci
Hackathon team from ZEZ
Green energy cooperative
Terra Hub





Last month, the Mayor of Energy Cites’ member Križevci (Croatia) challenged the citizens to imagine a sustainable future for the city after the Covid-19 crisis. The local organisation Green Energy Cooperative (ZEZ) and Terra Hub mobilised the community thanks to a 24h challenge/hackathon “Today for Tomorrow – Križevci Version 20.30.” and are ready to share and discuss with us how they did it, why and what came out of it!

Learn more about this successful initiative during our webinar!

This webinar has been organized within the framework of the Living Streets project. This project is part of the European Climate Initiative (EUKI) of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU).

00.00-01.52  Welcome and intro – Bénédicte Weber, Energy Cities
01.53-06.06About this webinar – Sandra Vlašić, ZEZ &Terra Hub & EIT
06.07-10.44Why the city of Križevci did it and what we got out of it? Daniel Šaško, deputy Mayor of Križevci
10.45-29.40 “Today for Tomorrow” hackathon in Križevci: How we did
it, what we have learned? – Erica Svetec and Josip Beber,
Green Energy Cooperative ZEZ & EIT C-KIC
29.41-36.40Climathon 2020, Fabienne Lang, EIT C-KIC
36.41-53.23Questions & Answers