Integrated Renovation Programmes and One-Stop-Shops

The Innovate experience



Adrian Joyce, EuroACE
Jana Cicmanova, Energy Cities
Ciaran Cuffe, Member of the European Parliament
Françoise Réfabert, Energies Demain
Céline Carré, Vice-President of EuroACE





Integrated into the second EuroACE Series of Online Workshops entitled “Renovation Wave in Action: Sharing Experiences”, this webinar focused on one-stop shops for energy renovation and on the experience of the EU-Funded, INNOVATE Project.

Through this webinar, policymakers, the INNOVATE partners and EuroACE (the European Alliance of Companies for Energy Efficiency in Buildings) discussed the roll-out of one-stop shops across the EU through different perspectives, from both the public and private angle. Green MEP Ciaran Cuffe from the European Parliament reminded that we need to help people on their journey if we want to ramp up renovation. He talked about the renovation timeline and priorities that have been set for the European level. From the INNOVATE partners, the French company Énergies Demain shared its experience and expertise on the challenges of one-stop-shops. Céline Carré from EuroAce draw the attention to the coordination gap in the sector and the urgency to aggregate projects. Additional questions from participants provided ideas on how the upcoming Renovation Wave Initiative can be leveraged to dramatically scale-up their deployment.

INNOVATE is a 3-year EU-funded project with the objective to upgrade, develop and roll-out integrated energy efficiency service packages in 11 targeted territories, known as one-stop shops.

Reminding the agenda:

  • Opening and Guidance to Participants: Adrian Joyce, EuroACE
  • Introduction on OSS & presentation of Innovate project: Jana Cicmanova, Energy Cities
  • Policy insight from the EP perspective: Ciaran Cuffe, Member of the European Parliament
  • Policy insight and the experience of Énergies Demain: Françoise Réfabert, Energies Demain
  • Policy insight from the Industry: Céline Carré, Vice-President of EuroACE
  • Q&A Session moderated by: Adrian Joyce, EuroACE
  • Conclusions: Jana Cicmanova, Energy Cities