District heating system

The success story in Denmark

This webinar is organised in the framework of the ProgRESsHEAT Project (Fostering the use of renewable energies for heating and cooling).

This webinar focuses on the success story of the extensive Danish district heating system. Experts from the sector illustrate the history of district heating in Denmark, explain how the sector is regulated today, discuss expectations as regards future developments and share key success factors and prerequisites.

Presentations :

District heating today – Jesper Koch, District heating association

District heating history – Helge Ørsted, EA EnergyAnalysis

Danish regulation of district heating – Bjarne Juul Kristensen, Danish Energy Agency

The future development of district heating in Denmark – Per Alex Sørensen, PlanEnergi



Jesper Koch
Helge Ørsted
Bjarne Juul Kristensen
Per Alex Sørensen


31 August 2016