2018 Activities Report is out now


Publication date

February 22, 2019

2018 will go down as a foundational year in delivering a local energy transition.
Here at Energy Cities we’ve been working to strengthen the role of cities and their skills in the field of sustainable energy, representing cities’ interests at the EU level and promoting the incredible and inspiring expertise of our member cities.

Our 2018 Activities Report is out now with more details on just how we are accomplishing those goals working on some of the major initiatives at an EU level.

One important watershed has been to enshrine the right of Europeans to take charge and contribute directly to a shared energy transition with clean energy that empowers cities and citizens’ energy communities. This advance follows our overarching philosophy of a Europe of divestment, democracy and decentralisation.

There is much more food for thought in the 28 page document both in terms of what was done but also who we are, great innovations we’ve seen, how we operate and what is coming on the horizon. But we know you are busy so we’ve made sure to keep the report light and easily readable. We won’t drown you in facts and figures, lists of meetings or long-winded profiles.

2019 will see European Parliamentary elections, a new European Commission, key decisions on the EU’s long-term strategy and much more. The best way to prepare is with this brief look back on 2018.

Happy reading!

Energy Cities Report of Activites 2018
What you can find in this report?
• What have we achieved by influencing decision-makers? 
• What have we tested, where is the latest exciting innovation? 
• Where can you find tools and inspiration? 
• How we do things: holacracy, who we are. 
• Internal life of the organisation: who are our new members, our board members, a snapshot of our financial situation. 
• What’s next? Main milestones of the year to come and how you can get involved

Download: PDF – 2.8 Mb