Almada keeps track of its 2050 climate targets

City spotlight during the Portuguese EU Presidency

The Portuguese city, which is looked after by its giant Cristo Rei statue, has one big target in mind since the COP15 in Paris: to reduce its CO2 emissions by 80% by 2050. Back then in 2015, the city had already an impressive track record of impactful climate actions. It pioneered with its “Almada Less Carbon Climate Fund” that was created as early as in 2009, supported by a specific budget line for energy efficiency and renewable energy investments based on an evaluation of the CO2 emissions from municipal activities the previous year. After running very successfully for several years, it has been turned into a revolving fund in 2016. It finances energy efficiency and renewables projects whereby gained savings are reinjected in the fund for future measures.

Overall, the spectrum of activities aiming for the carbon-neutrality of the area is broad and the commitment doesn’t stop at the city administration’s door. The past years have been marked by an intense community engagement in various sectors. Driven by the local energy agency AGENEAL – as most of the activities – efforts are currently being made to set up an energy community involving citizens and other local stakeholders via the PLAC (Local Climate Platform for Almada) platform.

Curious to see what else Almada is doing? Want to know how they decarbonise mobility, buildings or their public lighting?

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Publication date

March 8, 2021