Accelerating Condominium Energy Retrofitting

The Ecoreno’v advisory service

Greater Lyon, gathering 59 municipalities, has developed a comprehensive large scale energy retrofitting programme. Based on strong and trustful collaboration between complementary public institutions and the commitment of local private actors, the Ecoreno’v service already provided, over a four years period – advice, tools and financial support to retrofit 5 000 condominium apartments.

The challenge/aim of the service has been to find a balance between carrying out numerouseasier step-by-step retrofitting works and implementing ambitious refurbishments (fosti.e. NZEB standards).

Key figures

Since the project started in 2015, 5 085 condominium apartments (i.e. 65 condominiums) have undertaken an energy retrofit thanks to Ecoreno’v. Among the 5 000 refurbished housing units, more than 800 are deprived households. The majority of condominiums (36 from 65) undertook a retrofit that aims at reaching the NZEB standard; whereas 29 condominiums refurbished to achieve –35% energy consumption. Greater Lyon expects to multiply by the factor three the number of housing units benefiting from the programme. In 2019, more than 2500 housing units are expected to undertake an energy retrofit in the framework of Ecoreno’v. The work involved a yearly reduction of 1 900 000 kg CO2 equivalent to 8 300MWh. Jobs for Ecoreno’v advisors have also been created. The works carried out by the programme have generated €130 million for local companies.

Read the full story attached to learn about the three levels of support (tailored assistance, financial advice, as well as communication and upgrading of local supply chains) provided by Ecoreno’v to condominiums to foster numerous ambitious retrofits. It also highlights the way Greater Lyon involves local actors to benefit from their respective expertise and support local supply chains.