Climate district Waldsee

A pilot district-approach to climate protection in Freiburg

Our German member Freiburg recently launched a pilot project to involve the inhabitants, schools and organisations of the district of Waldsee in the fight against climate change.

Involving people in climate protection is important for the Municipality – citizen engagement is already included in the local climate policy. With this new project, Freiburg took one step forward, by testing a new district approach to climate protection. Together with the citizens, they would like to develop a positive vision and promote holistic solutions for the district of Waldsee (5,400 inhabitants).

The project “Our climate district Waldsee” started in January 2021 and will run until the end of December 2023.

All actors are invited to present and develop concrete solutions to make their district greener. The city – via its Environmental Protection Department and the Regional Energy Agency – offers know-how, connections, advice, coordination support and, for particularly innovative ideas, even financial support through a funding program.

Local actors are invited to submit their ideas online in the following areas: food, buildings, sustainable consumption and circularity, green spaces and mobility.  Citizens can also apply to become ambassadors for climate protection in their community, promoting the project and their own activities.

Unfortunately, the implementation of most of the actions will have to wait for the pandemic-related restrictions to be over. In the meantime, the municipality invited the local community to get organised, start creating their project teams and meet online. They have also planned an “Energy Carvan” to deliver energy efficiency advice directly at the citizens’ doorsteps, and a street festival – also moved towards the end of 2021.

More information here (in German)