European funding opportunities for cities in transition

Find them in our new briefing!

Cities are on the front line of the fight against climate change and they are the ones that will implement the systemic changes and measures to deliver a fair transition. However, the issue of resources is crucial to the success of their action.

The European landscape of project funding opportunities is currently undergoing significant change, mainly because of the post-COVID recovery programme and new European priorities. Energy Cities published a new briefing to guide cities through this landscape of financial support and opportunities at the EU level.

The EU has many different funding sources and initiatives available to cities. They have their own focus, operational guidelines and requirement. Our briefing presents the following programmes to help cities access the help they need in building a decarbonised, decentralised and democratised future:

Traditional research programmes

The traditional regional cohesion and development programmes

The initiatives to raise your profile but with no financial support

We are also monitoring the following initiatives – keep an eye on them, new funding opportunities might come in the future!

In the briefing, we also analysed how local authorities can benefit from the recovery package, presenting the Italian and Greek examples, and which opportunities are or will be available for green local investments.

Stay tuned, Energy Cities will provide more content on the national recovery plans in the coming months!