EUSEW 2023 Community-proofing the EU energy system



The 21 June 2023 from 16:30 until 18:00



Community-proofing the EU’s energy system by re-balancing roles and resources

EU Sustainable Energy Week: Panel discussion from 4:30 to 6 pm

The objective of this session is to discuss how local energy ownership can contribute to a just and secure energy transition. This is especially important now that the EU’s dependence on imported energy sources and implications of this on energy prices have become even more visible because of the energy crisis.

The session will focus on how the active participation of citizens and local governments in the energy market can be empowered through the implementation of the current EU legislation for

energy communities and be impacted by the upcoming reform of the EU Electricity Market. Special attention will be paid to the integration of the business model of energy communities into the energy market and how they may play a part in delivering a cost-efficient and green energy supply, reducing energy poverty and promoting energy security for all.

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