Community Solar Serbia



From 27 September 2023 to 28 September 2023


Kragujevac, Serbia



Two EU funded projects (SCCALE 203050 and Balkan Solar Roofs) have combined to ensure a 2 day peer-to-peer lab connecting citymakers and their civil society partners around the complex subject of how to stimulate the creation of energy communities via promoting solar roofs. To this end, Energy Cities, and partners of Balkan Solar Roofs have designed a customised format to stimulate a thoughtful peer-to-peer conversation through a 2 days Learning Lab. 

The objectives

Specific objectives of this capacity building lab are to:

  • Connect and leverage the expertise of local cooperatives or energy communities and local government leaders in driving renewable energy development (mostly roof PV) and energy communities to accelerate the energy transition 
  • Outline and understand the best practices for successful partnership models to make energy communities happen, leading to the mutual empowerment of city government and civil society organisations