Resource efficiency, sufficiency and circular economy workshop



From 10 April 2024 to 11 April 2024


Grenoble, France



On the 10th and 11th of April 2024, a workshop on resource efficiency, sufficiency and circularity will be held in the city of Grenoble, France. The event, is the second of a series of 6 workshops which will be held in 6 different cities within the SSH CENTRE project (Social Sciences and Humanities for Climate, Energy aNd Transport Research Excellence): Čačak, Serbia; Grenoble, France; Arnhem, The Netherlands; Porto, Portugal; Valencia, Spain; Rijeka, Croatia.

The project aims to enhance the contribution of Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) to accelerate the EU’s transition to carbon neutrality by better engaging SSH researchers with stakeholders across research, policy, and business.

Under the project, Knowledge & Innovation (K&I) and  Energy Cities launched a programme on Social Sciences and Humanities knowledge brokerage for regional-level governance, involving 6 cities in 6 different key topics.

The city of Grenoble, in collaboration with a dedicated team of researchers, will focus its work on sufficiency. There’s the need of new compasses for radical change towards urban and economic models that respect social and  planetary boundaries.  

The municipality of Grenoble is strongly committed to climate change and sustainability. The city is also engaged in the  promotion of circular economy and resource efficiency, which also implies a wide set of different  actions, including fostering new sustainable business models and economic behaviours, promoting  an integrated approach to resources and materials, and feeding collaborations with citizens, and business  and research community.

The workshop will be the occasion for diving in the topic together with the team of researchers, local administrators, and stakeholders from other cities. It will include a city tour with local stakeholders to get feedback on the work done by the team so far.

Are you a city working and interested in sufficiency?

The workshop is open to the participation of 8 representatives from 8 European cities. If you are interested in sharing your experience and learning from other cities, contact us to get more information on the programme!

The SSH CENTRE project (Social Sciences and Humanities for Climate, Energy aNd Transport Research Excellence) is a project funded by the European Commission and UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) under the Horizon Europe Framework Programme.