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Global Strike for Climate

Global Strike for Climate

Mayors Representing 8,000 European Cities Call for Climate Proofing of EU and National Budgets

Press release Climate proofing budgets is the best way to ensure that governments do not spend a single euro that could further climate change For […]

The tug of war for Germany’s next climate protection law

The tug of war for Germany’s next climate protection law

Where we stand and what Merkel and her team can learn from others

With a new climate action law, chancellor Angela Merkel can show how serious the so-called energy transition pioneer takes its task.

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Energy Cities is a network of over 1,000 local governments in 30 countries. We believe that the energy transition is about more than renewable energy or great technologies: it is about a wise use of resources while strengthening local participation and well-being in a democratic Europe.


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Booming bike use in Brussels as European Mobility Week kicks off

Booming bike use in Brussels as European Mobility Week kicks off

Cycling commuters have doubled in Brussels in the last five years

Cycling in Brussels has been surging in popularity the last few years with 16% more cyclists in 2018 compared to 2017 and an average 13% […]

Heating and cooling planning: a “must have” for all cities!

Heating and cooling planning: a “must have” for all cities!

Heating and cooling goes hand to hand with urban planning.

Heating and cooling (H&C) is a major topic for the decarbonisation of the European energy system, and it goes hand to hand with urban planning. […]

« If you had only one wish? »

« If you had only one wish? »

Policy op-ed by Claire Roumet

This summer, far from Brussels’ overheated streets, I was asked this seemingly innocent question by a friend while chatting after a pleasant walk: “if you […]

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LIFE PlanUp report on good practices in energy and climate governance

A guidebook on public participation in the EU national energy and climate plans

This new report from the LIFE PlanUp project provides guidance to national policymakers on how to involve cities, civil society, the public and other stakeholders in the design and delivery of EU national energy and climate plans.

Cities and civil society as allies for the energy transition in the EU and US

Lessons for successful civil society engagement

When it comes to efforts to address complex global challenges such as climate change, it is clear that a transatlantic partnership is needed as a prerequisite for any viable solution.

National Energy and Climate Plans fail to acknowledge cities’ leading role in the European energy transition

This report intends to present the results of an analysis led in order to determine to which extent European cities were involved in the National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs) drafting process and local energy and climate actions are taken into consideration by Member States in their NECPs.


Plan a thematic sightseeing with your colleagues through any of our member cities to get equipped with new strategic ideas for your own city. We prepare tailor-made programmes based on your expectations on whom to meet, what to see and learn. Energy Cities’ broad knowledge of European local actions and its network of players built over the last 30 years enables us to organise the perfect trip for your delegation of public servants or elected people.

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Julia Girardi-Hoog

“We need some really courageous goal setting. Cooperation helps.”

Interview with Julia Girardi-Hoog from Vienna Housing Department

Crowned the world’s most liveable city in 2018 it is easy to assume that when it comes to cooperation with other cities, it’s more about what they can learn from the Austrian capital than vice-versa – but that’s not the way Julia Girardi-Hoog, who works for the Department for Urban Renewal in Vienna, describes things.

Bo Frank

“The best thing for EU countries to do is to increase the CO2 tax.”

Interview with Bo Frank, Lord Mayor of Växjö in Sweden

His city’s name is unpronounceable, but “Väk-tchö” resonates whenever local fossil-free strategies are being discussed. Bo Frank, its Lord Mayor, is proud of “the world’s […]

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