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The Energy Cities Hubs are our community spaces to activate, empower and inspire local leaders towards a climate-neutral Europe

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04 Oct

Brussels, Belgium

Green Deal Arena

On 4 October 2022, selected high-level participants from diverse local movements, policy groups, and research institutes will gather in the Green Deal Arena, to explore the EU Green Deal.

04 Oct

How do we make sufficiency desirable?

Changing cultures and organizations with Mathieu Saujot, coordinator Lifestyles in transition, IDDRI  Beyond being a widely used concept especially in political communication, sufficiency also means concrete […]

05 Oct - 06 Oct

St Raphael Resort, Amathountos Avenue, Pyrgos, Limassol, Cyprus

From Efficient Buildings to Green Living Areas – Efficient Buildings Community’s Final Event

The Efficient Buildings Community builds on the experience of energy efficiency of public buildings in the north shore of the Mediterranean during the past eight […]

06 Oct - 07 Oct

Amsterdam, Netherlands

RE-Source 2022 Event on energy procurement

Direct sourcing of renewables – the key for Europe’s energy competitiveness, security and climate goals The RE-Source event is the largest annual gathering in Europe […]

11 Oct

Atelier29, Rue Jacques de Lalaing 29, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

LIFE-NECPlatform Political Launch: Strengthening multi-level governance for the development of new NECPs

Context Europe is at the doorstop of one of its grimmest winters in recent history, with an energy crisis that is threatening the wellbeing of citizens across […]

11 Oct

Capturing alternative sources of funding & financing for sustainable energy and climate actions : insights and good practices from the Smart Cities Marketplace and SCALABLE CITIES initiatives

The Covenant of Mayors (CoM) is committed to providing guidance and advice to the CoM signatories on financing the development and implementation of their sustainable […]

12 Oct

Changing narratives of energy efficiency in times of energy crisis

In the context of rising energy prices and unstable supplies, new alternatives such as decarbonised district heating offer great solutions to avoid gas and further […]

13 Oct - 14 Oct

Strasbourg, France

How much is enough? New paths to sufficiency in urban planning

Through 4 sessions held in Strasburg we’ll propose to municipalities concrete ways to promote a sufficiency policy in urban planning : an introductory discussion thematic […]

13 Oct - 14 Oct

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Natural Gas-Free Neighbourhoods Workshop

Event organised by Driving Urban Transitions programme (DUT) from JPI-Urban Europe Within the Dutch ‘Natural Gas-Free Neighbourhoods’ (PAW) programme, city districts are currently trialing different […]

18 Oct

Tallinn, Estonia

SHAPE EU – Study visit to Tallinn

Objective The objective of this study tour is to provide a unique opportunity to gain practical insights on renovation of large residential housing districts. Organized […]

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Useful brandnew resources on energy poverty

Useful brandnew resources on energy poverty

Overviews, toolkits, business models


Never before has energy poverty been such a serious threat to so many European citizens as it is now. As local governments prepare themselves and their citizens for a hard winter, we've gathered a collection of recent publications around the topic.
WANTED: Mentees for a capacity-building programme in innovative sustainable energy financing


Article originally published on the Prospect+ website Cities and regions in Europe are facing challenges in ensuring sustainable energy investments for their territories due to the energy […]
Connecting communities to the grid

Connecting communities to the grid

Optimism and openness at the energy community alumni meetup


While the critical energy supply is driving the news, it makes sense to also look behind the big geopolitical scene. Optimism comes when we see […]
It is time to take back control, not by ourselves but by working together


As part of the launch of the ‘Route des POTEs’ project, supported by the POTEs network (Pionniers Ordinaires de la Transition Ecologique — Ordinary Pioneers […]
What’s EUp? European energy policies facing the “perfect storm”


All the forecast conditions have come together: record high energy prices, uncertain gas supplies due to the Russian war on Ukraine, dramatic drought limiting the […]