Let’s move (and make things happen)!

Let’s move (and make things happen)!

Policy op-ed by Claire Roumet

Starting the year with a thematic newsletter on mobility may seem odd considering that all of Europe is in the grip of lockdown. No, we […]

Green mobility in Brasov

Green mobility in Brasov

A chat with the communication specialist of the city's Energy Agency

When we decided to focus on mobility for our first newsletter of the year, I immediately thought to contact our member ABMEE, Brasov’s Energy Agency. […]

European City Facility

Get financial support and services for your local sustainable energy projects! We are proud to coordinate this one-of-a-kind facility that will help towns overcome critical barriers, develop credible investment packages and mobilise finance.


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Energy Cities joins broad coalition calling on EU not to rely on hydrogen to decarbonise buildings

Energy Cities joins broad coalition calling on EU not to rely on hydrogen to decarbonise buildings

33 businesses, industry associations, NGOs, and think tanks joined forces to urge the European Commission to prioritise available efficient and sustainable solutions to decarbonise Europe’s […]

3 steps for EV charging in your city for the lowest possible cost

3 steps for EV charging in your city for the lowest possible cost

The electrification of transport is well underway, with record numbers of electric vehicles (EVs) being sold in Europe in 2020. We need widespread charging infrastructure, […]

The EU’s Smart and Sustainable Mobility Strategy

The EU’s Smart and Sustainable Mobility Strategy

Ambitious goals centered on cities

The EU has released its ‘Smart and Sustainable Mobility Strategy’ which sets out a number of goals for how people and goods will move around […]

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Finance your sustainable and climate action: Experience from 195 public authorities in your hands for learning and replication

A comprehensive guide

Innovative financing is often an option for local energy and climate projects, but cities and regions need to know better how to activate and use […]

Success Stories from PROSPECT

Over the past months, almost 200 local/regional authorities and agencies got to exchange and learn about innovative mechanisms to finance their sustainable energy and climate […]

The one-stop-shop accelerator report

About the why, how and what of this European experimentation

The 11 partners of the INNOVATE project aimed at overcoming market barriers to deep energy-efficient retrofits of the private housing stock. They spent three years […]


Plan a thematic sightseeing with your colleagues through any of our member cities to get equipped with new strategic ideas for your own city. We prepare tailor-made programmes based on your expectations on whom to meet, what to see and learn. Energy Cities’ broad knowledge of European local actions and its network of players built over the last 30 years enables us to organise the perfect trip for your delegation of public servants or elected people.

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(c) Janis Oppliger on Unsplash

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Listen to the three city interviews in full length:

Community energy from scratch

Voices from the ECF collaboration lab

2020 was a tough year and never before has the need for local resilience and solidarity been stronger. One extraordinary means for increasing solidarity while […]

Sara Capuzzo and Claudia Carani

It’s all in the mix…of consumers.

Claudia Carani (AESS) and Sara Capuzzo (enostra)

We have interviewed two amazing women and we have talked with them about the right political triggers for renewables in Italy, about the place of […]

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