Europe’s new 2030 target

Europe’s new 2030 target

What it means for cities and how we get there

The European Commission has formally proposed a target of 55% fewer GHG emissions by 2030, a substantial increase from the previous target of 40%. It […]

New board of Energy Cities ready to tackle the opportunities of the Green Deal and COVID recovery

New board of Energy Cities ready to tackle the opportunities of the Green Deal and COVID recovery

Heidelberg re-elected as President

The new board of Energy Cities has been elected at an online general assembly after an unprecedented number of applications from progressive cities across Europe […]

European City Facility

Get financial support and services for your local sustainable energy projects! We are proud to coordinate this one-of-a-kind facility that will help towns overcome critical barriers, develop credible investment packages and mobilise finance.


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Energy Cities: 30 years in transition

Energy Cities: 30 years in transition

A short video to take you on a walk down memory lane

2020 marked the 30th anniversary of Energy Cities. 30 years of working with local governments and many international partners to bring forward a shared energy […]

How to Access EU and Member State Recovery Funds

How to Access EU and Member State Recovery Funds

Cities need concrete projects to access the more than €1 trillion available

Between the EU’s recovery package and the recent stimulus packages announced by Germany, France, Portugal, Austria and Denmark there is more than €1 trillion to […]

Your brief guide to the 7 EU programmes funding the energy transition in cities

Your brief guide to the 7 EU programmes funding the energy transition in cities

The programmes, the amounts and their focus

The EU has a number of funding sources available to cities. They have their own focus, operational guidelines and requirements. This is a brief rundown […]

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Campaigning for Local Climate Change Mitigation

Compilation of ideas

Creative approaches to communication on local climate change initiatives can serve as a useful vehicle for cities messaging on the topic. Delivering climate friendly ideas […]

How to set up a one-stop-shop for integrated home energy renovation?

A step-by-step guide for local authorities and other actors

If you are part of an organisation that plans to launch a one-stop-shop, this guidebook is for you. You can find learnings from the project and recommendations that will help you to kick start your project.

How Local Authorities can encourage citizen participation in energy transitions

Including citizens in energy systems

The aim of this report is to consider how Local Authorities can better engage with publics as a part of the energy transition in a meaningful way and support the active participation of citizens in energy systems and the energy transition. The report informes by energy Social Science and Humanities literature as a means of recognising that the energy transition is not merely a technological transition, but a social one.


Plan a thematic sightseeing with your colleagues through any of our member cities to get equipped with new strategic ideas for your own city. We prepare tailor-made programmes based on your expectations on whom to meet, what to see and learn. Energy Cities’ broad knowledge of European local actions and its network of players built over the last 30 years enables us to organise the perfect trip for your delegation of public servants or elected people.

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Dimos Ispikoudis

Planting the seeds for citizen energy in difficult times

Interview with Dimos Ispikoudis, City of Komotini

Since 2018, a new Greek legislation allows local authorities to be an energy producer. In this episode, we’ll have a look at how much this […]

Mayors & CoM East Country Experts

Small Talk with the Mayor – EUSEW 2020

Series of video meetings of our CoM East Country Experts with the Covenant community in the Eastern Partnership region

This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Covenant of Mayors Office in Eastern Europe and South Caucasus celebrated the European Sustainable Energy Week 2020 […]

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