We are the European city network that defends a locally driven energy transition.

Do you want to create a living street?

Do you want to create a living street?

We are looking for cities in Portugal and Greece

Energy Cities is supporting local authorities in Croatia, Greece and Portugal in developing living streets concepts together th their citizens. Thanks to the EUKI Living […]

The EU Commission’s Hydrogen Prescription for System Integration

The EU Commission’s Hydrogen Prescription for System Integration

New strategies launched pushing energy efficiency and targeting sectors difficult to decarbonise

The European Commission’s new hydrogen strategy and energy system integration strategy have been launched. The two strategies work together. The hydrogen strategy is about developing […]

European City Facility

Get financial support and services for your local sustainable energy projects! We are proud to coordinate this one-of-a-kind facility that will help towns overcome critical barriers, develop credible investment packages and mobilise finance.


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Decarbonising cities: local resources first!

Decarbonising cities: local resources first!

Heating and cooling strategies are key

Last week, we held the final conference of the Hotmaps project. The event took place entirely online to avoid any health risks, but it included […]

No more fossil fuels for new buildings in Vienna

No more fossil fuels for new buildings in Vienna

Energy Cities' member launches climate protection areas

The Austrian capital – and Energy Cities’ member – recently took a big step towards its decarbonised energy future and started to phase out fossil […]

Energy renovation of buildings in the French recovery plan

Energy renovation of buildings in the French recovery plan

An opportunity to be seized and pitfalls to be avoided

While proposals for France’s recovery plans abound, the challenge now is to identify the most effective levers for combining economic recovery with scaling-up of highly performant deep retrofits, which is a prerequisite for moving onto a convergent path with France’s national low-carbon strategy.

The great forward comeback from economy to oeconomy

The great forward comeback from economy to oeconomy

Guest article by Pierre Calame, honorary president of the Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation for the Progress of Humankind.

How the economy should be resuscitated post-Covid 19 is already a subject of hot debate. But have its terms been properly framed? Nothing is less […]

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How to set up a one-stop-shop for integrated home energy renovation?

A step-by-step guide for local authorities and other actors

If you are part of an organisation that plans to launch a one-stop-shop, this guidebook is for you. You can find learnings from the project and recommendations that will help you to kick start your project.

How Local Authorities can encourage citizen participation in energy transitions

Including citizens in energy systems

The aim of this report is to consider how Local Authorities can better engage with publics as a part of the energy transition in a meaningful way and support the active participation of citizens in energy systems and the energy transition. The report informes by energy Social Science and Humanities literature as a means of recognising that the energy transition is not merely a technological transition, but a social one.

Impact Report 2019

How Energy Cities energised policy, people & places

2019 began with the launch of the Energy Cities manifesto ‘Claiminga Crisis’ and it ended with the launch of the European Green Deal. Those two events are related. In between people from every level of government and from around the world gathered in Heidelberg for the International Conference on Climate Action. Together, because we must always act together, all levels of government signed the Partnership Declaration on Collaborative Climate Action.


Plan a thematic sightseeing with your colleagues through any of our member cities to get equipped with new strategic ideas for your own city. We prepare tailor-made programmes based on your expectations on whom to meet, what to see and learn. Energy Cities’ broad knowledge of European local actions and its network of players built over the last 30 years enables us to organise the perfect trip for your delegation of public servants or elected people.

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(c) Janis Oppliger on Unsplash

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Nathalie de Loon

Urban commons and empowered cities

Nathalie de Loon, project leader on the commons at City Council of Amsterdam

This time we take a look at the democratic potential of the urban commons. The commons are those resources we all share and use like […]

Tine de Moor

“We have lost a lot of our capacity to cooperate.”

Tine de Moor, academic historian, University of Utrecht

Sometimes it’s good to look into history when we want to better see the future. That’s why we’ve interviewed the Belgian academic historian Prof. Tine […]

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