Transition strategies and Governance of transitions – Platform for coal regions in transition



The 26 May 2020 from 14:00 until 15:30

Many stakeholders from coal regions in Europe have expressed the need for a robust regional strategy, which guides their choices and actions in the transition process they are facing. The various elements of a robust strategy should combine responses to short-term needs with long-term aspirations. They need to be coherent with respect to the targets and objectives of the transition, reflecting the needs of the different stakeholders in the region. However, regional transitions away from coal mining and coal-based energy generation are complex, not least because they require effort from multiple actors. Coal regions often do not correspond to a particular administrative boundary, and therefore require collaboration across different administrative units and levels of government.

This webinar gives an overview of

• key elements of strategy development, from problem analysis to defining objectives and selecting actions, to evaluation and eventually policy adaptation.

• insights on key governance aspects in regions that are pursuing the decarbonisation and diversification of their economies. These include: building effective governance models; designing and implementing stakeholder engagement and social dialogue processes; and enhancing the role of civil society in the transition.