UDN webinars #5. FUNDING. Multiple funding sources as the key for integration and sustainability



The 19 November 2020 from 10:00 until 12:00

Key for ensuring a robust urban strategy under the EU’s Cohesion Policy is to mobilise a wide range of actors and resources. Three main issues will be discussed during this webinar: the integration of European Structural and Investment Funds within themselves, and with domestic funds; the involvement of private investors and the third sector in funding urban strategies; and the use of financial instruments and financial products. The webinar will shed light on the challenges and possible solutions related to the institutional and administrative capacity of urban authorities and managing authorities in terms of funding and finance.

The UDN webinars provides insights from policy makers and expert guest speakers on how to tackle the main challenges policy-makers face when designing and implementing sustainable urban development strategies as supported by Cohesion Policy.

The webinars are based on the findings of the Handbook of Sustainable Urban Development Strategies published by the Joint Research Centre in collaboration with DG REGIO.

Following the structure of the Handbook, the UDN webinars will be composed of six sessions, each one focusing on one of the building blocks of the EU integrated approach to urban development, namely: strategic dimension, territorial focus, governance, cross-sectoral integration, funding and finance and monitoring.