Co-creating the 2050 vision for one’s city: How do Valencia and Dublin do that?

Interview with Katie Harrington (Codema) and Jordi Peris Blanes (Valencia City Council)

Katie Harrington and Jordi Peris Blanes



Katie Harrington and Jordi Peris Blanes




Dublin and Valencia, Ireland and Spain


The City of Valencia and Dublin County are both on an ambitious trajectory: Not only do they aim for becoming greener and fairer cities by 2050. But also, they do push beyond their comfort zone by designing their roadmap with a big variety of stakeholders. We chatted with Jordi Peris Blanes, General Coordinator of Urban Strategies and Sustainable Agenda of the València City Council, and Katie Harrington who works as an energy and climate awareness officer at Dublin Energy Agency Codema. During this talk we learnt so much about this very creative vision-building in times of climate urgency.

This episode was brought to you by the EU project TOMORROW. Since 2019, TOMORROW is supporting 6 cities on their very participatory way towards a sustainable and fair future. The project gets funding from the European Horizon 2020 programme and you can go to the website to learn more and you can make use of great resources such as the TOMORROW transition toolbox.