Prague’s first steps in energy community matters

Interview with Miloslav Franek (City of Prague) and Tereza Mc Laughlin Vanova (Local Energy Managers' Association)

Tereza Mc Laughlin & Miloslav Franek



Tereza Mc Laughlin & Miloslav Franek


The City of Prague has an ambitious Climate Plan. In addition to high goals for energy efficiency, this plan includes an objective of fostering the emergence of energy communities. For this episode we met Miloslav Franek from the energy management department of Prague City Hall and Tereza Mc Laughlin Vanova from the Czech Association of Local Energy Managers. Together, they are about to set up the very first Czech energy community in the Czech capital. How ready are the Czech Republic and its residents for this new type of energy generation? In this conversation, Tereza and Miloslav lead us through the complexity of decentralised and citizen-driven energy in the Czech Republic.

This episode and the collaboration lab were made possible thanks to funding from the European Climate Foundation (ECF). The ECF is an international non-profit and its great team promotes climate and energy policies in Europe. In 2019, the European Climate Foundation launched its Energy Democracy program. It focuses on the support of community energy projects both at the EU and national levels.

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