NetZeroCities -15 million Euros to act as innovation hubs as they test solutions for rapid decarbonisation

Congratulations to the 26 cities selected to join the Pilot Cities Programm


Publication date

January 25, 2024

Working individually or as clusters, these Pilot Cities will implement systemic and locally designed innovative actions that span multiple areas, from buildings to waste, and levers of change, including governance, finance and policy. The 26 cities are part of 22 Pilot City Activities, from 16 countries, that have been selected from a wide array of applications across the European Union and Horizon Europe Associated Countries. 

The Pilot Cities Programme team said:

We are delighted to be welcoming a second cohort of cities and innovative activities to the programme and wider portfolio. It is inspiring to see such diverse activities seeking to overcome key city challenges and barriers to fundamental, systemic change, with the aim to unlock innovation capacity and opportunities in their pursuit of the Mission 2030 goal. We look forward to meeting the cities’ teams and partners in the coming weeks to connect, learn, and explore each other’s plans in more depth, and to begin to develop the cohort’s collaborative, peer-learning centred and innovative journey.

Filipe Araújo, Vice-Mayor, City of PORTO, said:

We are extremely pleased with the inclusion of the WAKE UP! project in the Pilot Cities Programme. This project is a significant step in our journey to make Porto a climate-neutral city by 2030. It involves numerous partners and our citizens, clearly illustrating our commitment as demonstrated by our Porto Climate Pact. It emphasises our commitment to innovation and civic engagement in sustainability matters as a crucial move to achieve our ambitious climate goals.

The success of WAKE UP! reflects our dedication to integrating technology and information to empower the behaviour of Porto’s citizens towards climate action. We are confident that this initiative will not only encourage more sustainable behaviours but also serve as an inspiration for other cities aiming to increase their decarbonisation efforts.

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