Strengthening multilevel governance in national energy and climate policies

Key Concepts

What are Climate and Energy Dialogue Platforms and why are they important?

NECPs, Article 11 of the Governance Regulation, Climate and Energy Dialogue Platform… Understand the legislation framing the project and the methodology behind our platforms.

SWOT Analysis

What strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and needs do all of the NECPlatform countries have in common when it comes to setting up multilevel dialogues on climate and energy?

Best Practices

Report on Best Practices of Multilevel Governance

This report serves as a founding basis for the NECPlatform project, which objective is to develop Climate and Energy Dialogue (CED) platforms in six Member States (Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Italy, Portugal and Romania) as required by Article 11 of the European Regulation on Governance of the Energy Union and Climate Action.

The report first starts by explaining the concept of multi-level governance (MLG) and its evolution in recent years. It then investigates the governance structure of each Member State participating in the NECPlatform project: the different administrative levels present in each of the six countries are thoroughly presented. Lastly, it gives examples of 21 multilevel governance initiatives, which have been selected following a clear and detailed methodology. This analysis leads to recommendations that will serve as a basis to shape the CED platforms in each of the participating Member States.



As the project progresses, we will develop a guide on how to establish climate and energy dialogue platforms in each Member State.

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Policy Briefs

First Policy Brief – June 2023

As Member States are about to submit their first drafts of their revised NECPs, we drafted some recommendations for the European Commission to achieve a better implementation of Article 11 of the Governance Regulation.

Our main recommendations:

  • Reiterate even more strongly a better implementation of Article 11 by Member States in its assessments of the draft and final updated NECPs. 
  • Anticipate the assessments with a written recommendation to Member States stressing the mandatory aspect and benefits of multi-level dialogues, to make the best use of the year between the submission of the draft updated NECP (June 2023) and the final updated NECP (June 2024).
  • Pay as much attention as possible to the quality of the dialogues in its evaluation and distinguish between well-structured and robust processes versus consultations made at the end of the process when the plans are a done deal. 
  • Push Member States to establish such Climate and Energy Dialogues as structured long-term advisory groups not only limited to the development of National Energy Climate Plans, but encompassing all future energy and climate laws and strategies. 

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