ENGAGE Campaign guidebook for cities

Involve local actors ... and achieve your energy & climate objectives

ENGAGE is a pan-European communications initiative that helps European cities of all shapes and sizes ENGAGE their citizens, communities and organisations to play their part in building a sustainable energy future.
A large part of any city’s carbon impact comes from the activities of its people and businesses. For this reason, the significance of their involvement in an energy and carbon reduction campaign cannot be overstated. By joining ENGAGE, you will encourage fellow inhabitants of your city to not only get involved, but take action.

Involving a range of local stakeholders in your ENGAGE campaign will increase its reach and success. Someone who plays a meaningful role in communities can send an extremely powerful message, both to elected bodies and to citizens.

ENGAGE helps towns and cities across Europe to contribute to building a sustainable energy future.By helping you work with elected members, colleagues, citizens and stakeholders to tackle environmental issues, ENGAGE helps you deliver tangible energy savings.

These are driven by the EU’s challenging energy-related targets for 2020 – they’re known as the ‘3×20’ targets:

  • to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20% (against 1990 levels);
  • for 20% of EU energy to come from renewable resources;
  • to reduce primary energy use by 20% (compared with projected levels) by improving energy efficiency.



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