Action plans for renewable district heating and cooling

Examples from European Regions

This webinar briefly introduced the projects ProgRESsHeat and Smart ReFlex. The core presentations focused on three case studies in Ireland, Germany and Spain.

Agenda of the webinar :

the progRESsHEAT project (short presentation) by Lukas Kranzl

The Smart ReFlex project by Riccardo Battisti (Ambiente Italia)

Pioneering local heat planning in rural Ireland by Xavier Dubuisson, XD Consulting

Renewable district heating in the State of Baden-Württemberg by Oliver Miedaner, SOLITES

DHC Planning Strategies in Catalonia by Joan Estrada, INCASOL

Watch the recording:



Lukas Kranzl
Riccardo Battisti
Xavier Dubuisson
Oliver Miedaner
Joan Estrada


21 February 2017