How to set-up a one-stop-shop for home energy renovation?

Digital workshop with experiences from INNOVATE partners



Energy Cities





This webinar focused on very practical recommendations for the design and purpose of renovation one-stop-shops. Speakers shared their experience and conclusions from Innovate, a 3-years EU-funded project whose main objective is to develop and roll-out one-stop-shops (OSS) for home energy renovation in 11 targeted territories.

Answers were given to questions such as:

  • What do we mean by one-stop-shops?
  • What different one-stop-shop business models have been identified and tested?
  • What are their (dis)advantages?
  • How to design your own business model and business plan?
  • Where to start and what to expect when setting-up a one-stop-shop?

The webinar also highlighted the role of local and regional authorities in setting up one-stop-shops and how they can support the market development.