Yes, cities can create their own COP21, and we tell you how!

Because we’re constantly searching to help cities advance their energy and climate transition, we have taken a closer look at the processes that a city can put in place in order to acquire the necessary knowledge on its territory with regards to climate challenges.

We chose to tell the story behind six examples of local authorities that put in place processes to set ambitious climate targets with local stakeholders. We call them local PACTs, or Local Participatory Agreements for the Climate Transition.

More than going into the details of the processes, we insisted on how they emerged, under which conditions and with the help of which actors. Often, the way is the aim.

Each one of us will have to do its share in the transformation to come. The local PACTs presented in our publication propose tools to adopt a collective and integrated approach; they set up an “effort-sharing” mechanism. The beauty of it is that all actors are allowed not only to play their part, but also to design very concretely the alternatives and build, block by block, district by district, the city they will live in.

We hope you will read our publication as a story book, and enjoy!