Local PACTs

How municipalities create their own COP21



Raphaël Hasenknopf
Claire Roumet

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Local green deals vs local COPs: this could be the teaser of this publication… However, this would be too narrow for the purposes of this overview. The idea is nevertheless to take a closer look at processes that a city can put in place in order to acquire the necessary knowledge on its territory with regards to climate challenges. But this publication is not simply a guide to local climate observatories, it has a wider purpose. We will also investigate how this knowledge can feed into a strategic planning process that is both iterative (adapted to new circumstances and progress) and open (to the local actors to co-drive the transition). And that the implementation of the agreed strategy is based on a strong partnership with clearly defined responsibilities.

With this publication, we wish to suggest tools and examples for cities and territories to launch local processes that set ambitious climate targets with local stakeholders. We call them local PACTs, or Local Participatory Agreements for the Climate Transition.

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