A new cycling ring to transform mobility in València

Encouraging cycling as a real option for a safe and comfortable way of transport

Objectives and context

In December 2013, the year in which the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) of Valencia was approved, the city had more than 150 kilometers of bicycle lanes, but bike were only used in 4.7% of internal trips.

The Cycling Ring was designed and build up in order to encourage the bike use as a real option for a safe and comfortable way of transport, and improve the air quality of a city that meets the optimal conditions for bicycle mobility: flat, medium sized and with 300 days of sunshine per year with an average temperature of 18ºC. This project has been a historical claim of bicycle users and NGO’s in the city.

The attractive historic heritage down town must be enjoyed on foot and public transport and other forms of sustainable mobility, by bike or on foot, are the best way to get there. The establishment of the Cycling Ring, along with the speed limit already set inside (30 km / h.), aims traffic calm in an area with one of the highest pollution rates in València.


The Cycling Ring has 4,7 km in length and 2,5 meters wide and runs around the Old Town. This new bike lane articulates the existing cycling network, offering a safe alternative of sustainable transport in València. In addition, pedestrian crossings and sidewalks have been expanded to improve on foot mobility. Motorbike parking areas in order to free up the sidewalks have been also created.

The new cycling ring (Anell Ciclista in Valencian)

The project of the Cycling Ring was developed in 2017. The budget of 852.469,35 € has been entirely funded by Valencia City Council.


The cycle ring facilitates cycle transit between the center of the city and the periphery. It is a backbone of the city and has caused a transcendental change in its mobility.

The project brings benefits in many areas, such as pollution reduction, noise reduction and better conditions for cycling and walking in the city; it is undoubtedly a work of general interest.

The growth in bicycle traffic is constant in the Ring; data shows that from 2017 until 2019 there were more than 2 million people using the cycle ring in the most used point, with more than 6.000 bikes per day.

The ring has also increased the use of the bike from the periphery; there is a growth of 99.7% in the three accesses and the tendency is to grow. Also, other bike lanes have been created at the proposal of the citizens to connect the neighbourhoods with the cycling ring and the center of the city. The ring has also significantly reduced motorized traffic from 2017.

Valencia Cycling Ring has promoted sustainable mobility and, it has transformed the city center as it is safer and more sustainable for pedestrians. The area is more attractive to get by walking, cycling or using public transport; environment and quality of life has also improved. The noise map of the city shows also a positive trend in its reduction: population exposed to more than 55 decibels at night has been reduced by 18% in 2017.

In addition, some collectives such as Shopping Centre Association says: “there is an increase of visitors in the establishments since the traffic calming measures in the area were initiated”

The Cycling Ring has been awarded in several occasions:

  • First Award of the “European Mobility Week” given by Generalitat Valenciana in September 2017;
  • Third Award of the “Spanish Mobility Week” given by Ministerio de Agricultura y Pesca, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente in October 2017,
  • Award in the “XV Premios Ciudad Sostenible” given by Fundación Forum Ambiental in June 2017
  • Award best infraestructure by “Red de Ciudades por la bicicleta” in March 2019


Contact: Belén Calahorro Lizondo, Bike Local Agency Manager, agenciabici@valencia.es, Tel. +34 962 085 317 (ext. 5317)