Transition to energy sovereignty

This government measure was approved by the City Council in July 2016, with a budget of 130 million euros. Its approval shows the city is working to create its own energy model, based on supplying 100% renewable energy, with zero emissions and democratically accessible to everyone.

This change has to be made over time, as it entails involving city residents and providing them with the know-how to take decisions on energy, reconsider funding solutions, design new appropriate governance models and understand urban planning as a tool for advancing towards a sustainable and low-carbon future.

This is a commitment to energy sovereignty, to reducing energy consumption through energy efficiency, self-consumption and responsible uses of energy, to achieving maximum local energy generation using own resources, whether renewable (such as sun light) or waste, and to ensuring a basic supply for all city residents. The problems raised by present-day energy regulations likewise have to be resolved and citizen collaboration has to become a strategic issue.

In short, the City Council is spearheading a new real policy aimed at enabling the achievement of a transition towards energy sovereignty, by putting people’s needs and energy issues at the heart of municipal priorities.

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