How to surf a social renovation wave for a social european green deal



The 05 June 2020 from 11:11 until 12:22


This webinar is part of an online series running from May to September 2020 and orgnised by the EHPA (The European Heat Pump Association).

The aim is to connect:

1. The energy transition by addressing different important topics in the  European Green Deal such as:
Transforming the EU’s economy for a sustainable future 
Increasing the EU’s climate ambition for 2030 and 2050  Mobilising industry for a clean and circular economy  
Supplying clean, affordable and secure energy 
Building and renovating in energy and resource-efficient way 
A zero-pollution ambition for a toxic-free environment 

2. The higher purpose of heat pump industry in ensuring an integrated, sustainable energy system: 
for the climate 
for a decarbonised society  
for an industrialised Europe providing jobs and income to people and families 

3. The relevant leaders who are visionary and knowledgeable across industries and areas of expertise: 
who add value to each other  
who offer a holistic perspective (political, legislative, technological, economic, social) when it comes to the actions that need to be taken  

    THE ONLINE SERIES INTENDS TO LOOK INTO THE FUTURE BY ASKING THE FOLLOWING IMPORTANT QUESTIONS AND PROVIDING SOLUTIONS:   How is climate action connected to health, economic, political, technology, social actions?  What actions do we need to take to support large scale behavioural change? What solutions does the heat pump industry suggest to support the energy transition? What are the framework conditions needed?   Where do we require innovation – social, technical, political, economic, legislative? Where do we need a new narrative?